life insurance in australia | The Right Life Insurance for Australians

There is no trust in human life in this world, if it is today then not tomorrow, life is precious, it should not be wasted. As a person’s age increases, so does his responsibility. It is the ultimate responsibility of a person to take care of himself and family, he does a lot for family … Read more

importance of insurance | insurance policy

Life has no hope. So three things are absolutely necessary. 1. Term Plan (Life Insurance) 2. Health Insurance (Mediclaim) 3. Accidental Insurance Policy 1. Term Plan (Life Insurance) : Try to take out as much insurance as is available. You can keep your family happy as long as you live, but what will happen to … Read more

phonepe accident insurance policy kya hai ? फोन पे एक्सीडेंटल बीमा क्या है

दोस्तो घर चला ने केलिए हमे घर से बाहर जाके कुछ न कुछ काम करना पड़ता है। घर से बाहर जाना मतलब कब क्या हो जाए पता नहीं चलता। जब तक हम जिंदा है तब तक हम अपनोके के लिए बोहोत कुछ करते है पर ये कभी सोचा है की हमारे मरने के बाद अपनोका … Read more