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importance of insurance
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Life has no hope. So three things are absolutely necessary.

1. Term Plan (Life Insurance)
2. Health Insurance (Mediclaim)
3. Accidental Insurance Policy

1. Term Plan (Life Insurance) :

Try to take out as much insurance as is available. You can keep your family happy as long as you live, but what will happen to them after you? Get rid of this policy instead of worrying about it. The lower the age, the lower the premium.

It is not necessary to take out the policy from LIC itself. Many private insurance companies also offer good insurance at low premiumsAfter taking out the policy, the family must be informed about this. Money will not make up for your shortcomings, but you can be confident that you can keep your family happy even after death.

Remember I’m just talking about a term plan. There are no other payment plans. Don’t neglect insurance and investment. Either buy pure insurance and make a pure investment. Trying to mix means investing your money at a lower interest rate.

2. Health Insurance (Mediclaim) :

Even after the Covid period, if you have to talk about it or explain it, it will be considered as unfortunate. There is no guarantee that a major illness or a major accident will happen in anyone’s life and we need to be prepared for it.

It is wrong to expect help from people or relatives every time.Therefore, each family should withdraw their own Mediclaim at least up to Rs 15 lakh. Not only has it been used throughout the year, but you have to pay the companies a fee to stay fit.

3. Accidental Insurance Policy:

The premium is very low as it is a different policy except for the above two types of combination. These include accidental death, permanent disability or temporary disability, and loss of employment until then.

In this you get paid on the basis of the number of days you are in the hospital after your accident.This means that you are not inconvenienced even if you are not at work and even if you lose your job due to an organ failure in an accident, you still continue to have a certain amount through the insurance company due to disability.

Avoid or procrastinate for a while but do these things before they are important and live a relaxed life. Because there is no hope for tomorrow.

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